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The Grand Galleria Limited Edition Calendar

A beautiful calendar to celebrate life in the current year

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2015 Calendar — The Inner Child

Terrilynn Quick 2015 Calendar

The 2015 calendar was inspired with the upcoming birth (in January) of my first grand daughter.

I am processing this journey through my art and this reflection inspired me to create The Inner Child.

I enjoyed reading "The Philosophical Baby" by Alison Gopnik; this book informed the selection of quotes and illustrations.


About the Calendar Project

The calendar began in 1990 as a gift to friends and family. Each month features a different piece of original handpainted calligraphic art, and each has a story behind the images.

Every page is hand painted, with calligraphy and collage work, and each calendar is unique. Creating these calendars involves many hours of hand labor; for this reason, Terrilynn creates a limited number of these calendars.

Order soon, because these popular calendars sell out quickly!

Price: $40.00 each

"To be the Mother of a Mother is to be GRAND mother."

Terrilynn Quick 2015 Calendar Photo

Please click the thumbnail cover image above to view sample pages of Terrilynn Quick's 2015 Calendar in a new window.

Don’t Miss Next Year’s Calendar!

We have received many phone calls from past customers who either did not receive the calendar as a gift this year, or forgot to order one. If you would like to be on the list to receive a calendar for next year, please contact us.

More Images

Many of the calendar images are available on cards. Please look at the mailable art & cards page to see other calligraphic, collaged pieces of art.